Pre-GEniuS™ Portal

Welcome to the Pre-GEniuS™ Portal


Here you will be requested to send us pictures of your Guitar for our GEniuS™ Technicians to examine before we proceed to the Shipping phase of the GEniuS™ Inbound Process.

This part of the GEniuS™ INBOUND Process is very important, as it allows our GEniuS™ Technicians to fully understand the Guitar and your objectives for it before it ever leaves your hands. It also allows our Shipping Department to be sure your Guitar is packed safely and securely for its Insured Shipping journey to us.

Below you will see the Three Methods you can use to send thru your pictures along with a Checklist of what pictures we need to see.

When our Shipping Department requests a picture of your Packed Guitar, you can also use the same method.



“What pictures and information do you require of my Guitar before Shipping?”

By using this handy Checklist below, you can be sure you will be supplying us with the information and pictures our GEniuS™ Technicians need as part of the Pre-GEniuS™ process. If we require clarification on an area of your Guitar, we may request further pictures to assist our GEniuS™ Technicians in obtaining the best outcome for you and your Guitar.


Full size picture of the Guitar, front and back.

Top of the Headstock.

A photo of the Guitars Serial Number.

Both sides of the Nut.

Both sides of the Neck Pocket.

The Butt of the Guitar looking towards the Strap Pin.

Detailed picture of what you would deem to be the most worn Frets.

Each pickup, including the pickup surround if applicable.

Detalied picture of the Bridge and/or Saddle- along with Tremelo System if applicable.

ANY significant dings, finish cracks, chips, finish faults anywhere on the Instrument.

We will also require some background information about the Guitar including:

  • Is there any structural issue with the Guitar you would like us to examine?
  • Is there any electronic issue with the Guitar, like a dud Volume Pot or a Pickup Not working? 
  • Is there a finish issue with the Guitar you would like us to investigate? 
  • Is there an issue with a piece of Hardware (Machine head, Saddle, truss Rod, etc) that we should be made aware of? 
  • Is there anything on the Guitar you would like us to replace (missing Tone Knob, intermittent input jack, etc) while the Guitar is undergoing its GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement?
  • Is there any modification to the Instrument (new Pickups, new Machine Heads, etc) you would like us to perform?


After our GEniuS™ Team has received the above information and has made contact with you, it is time to pack up your Guitar for Shipping! Take your time to ensure the Guitar is packed as safely and securely as possible. For some guide on packing your Guitar, click the banner below!

Once your Guitar has been packed sufficiently for transit, our Shipping Department will then liase with you to organise the Logistics. You will be emailed a Label and Consignment Note for TNT Express which you will need to securely attach to your Carton. TNT will then pickup your Guitar on the agreed date from your nominated location. As soon as your Guitar arrives to Port Mac Guitars, we will let you know. Your Guitar will be unpacked and inspected before being placed in the GEniuS™ Queue (or you can jump the queue by purchasing a GEniuS™ Inbound EXPRESS option). Your GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement will soon begin!


"Why is sending all these Photos and Information necessary?"

The Safety of your Guitar during the shipping process is EXTREMELY important to Port Mac Guitars. Showing a well packed Guitar before shipping is very important to the Insured nature of our $49 Flat Rate Return Insured Shipping with your purchased GEniuS™ Inbound. At the end of the day, we will do everything possible to ensure your Guitar leaves you and arrives back to you safely and securely. Any negligent packing of a Guitar for Shipping can not be covered by our Insured Shipping - so please make sure you would be happy to recieve your packed Guitar if you were its potential new owner.

We also want to be as certain as we can of the condition of your Guitar before it leaves you. If for some reason we find what maybe a "Terminal Fault" with the Instrument  during the Pre-GEniuS™ Process,  we will advise you of this and will Refund you immediately. (i.e A Headstock snapped off that no amount of GEniuS™-ing will fix or a detaching Acoustic Bridge that may be unsaveable).

If there is any requested Modification of the Guitar during its GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement, we will advise you on the applicable Prices as well as if there is any extra-lead time involved (like having to order in Pickups, new Hardware, etc).

Port Mac Guitars will also advise you prior to Shipping to any extra costs that may be applicable on items that need to be replaced, like a new Nut, a new Volume Pot or a new Input Jack if these items have been requested. If not before shipping, you will be advised by your GEniuS™ Technician if any part replacement is recommended, and what costs would be associated with that before they commence the work.

Port Mac Guitars will also document the process your Guitar undergoes during its GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement for our records. You will also be supplied a GEniuS™ Card showing an overview of these processes for your own records.