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GEniuS_ Guitar Enhancement System

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GEniuS™ INBOUND Option:

Port Mac Guitars GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement System is a proven propriety Guitar Optimisation process that will take your guitar from good to beyond its intended performance.

Developed specifically to improve our Customers New Guitars to new levels of customisation, optimisation and playability, this process is available for Customers for their exisiting Guitars - Australia Wide.

You can book your Guitar in for a GEniuS™ INBOUND Online simply by selecting your option above.

The GEniuS™ INBOUND Standard option affords you a full GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement with fully customised Luthier Setup a maximum of a 5 Business Day Turnaround once your Guitar has been received.

The GEniuS™ INBOUND EXPRESS option affords you a full GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement with fully customised Luthier Setup with a premium 1 Business Day Turnaround once your Guitar has been received.

Shipping for both options is a Flat Rate Australia Wide of $49 Return Insured Shipping, which is applied during the Shopping Cart or Checkout process.

If you have anymore questions, check out some of these FAQ's and Conditions below or get in CONTACT with us today!


“What is the process of GEniuS™ INBOUND?”

Once your prized Guitar has been booked in Online for its GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement by one of our Certified GEniuS™ Technicians, Port Mac Guitars Shipping Department will assist you in the simple logistics of your Guitar being shipped to us.

You will be directed to the Pre-GEniuS™ Portal and asked to send us pictures of your Guitar, so we can examine its condition and will get you to highlight any areas of minor and major fault with the instrument. If an undisclosed issue is discovered with the Guitar upon Port Mac Guitars receiving it, we will contact you immediately.

We will also ask you to provide us with pictures of your packed Guitar, so our Shipping Department can advise if it has been packed properly to qualify for our Return Insured Shipping Australia Wide. 

When your Guitar has arrived to our Workshop, your assigned GEniuS™ Technicians will discuss with you the finer nuances of your Guitar and your objectives you wish to achieve with its GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement.

NOTE: Port Mac Guitars exclusively uses D'addario Strings* as their string of choice included Free of Charge with a GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement. If you wish to use a different brand, the GEniuS™ Team will advise you on the costs associated wiith this.

*Does not include D'addario NYXL's

“What happens if there is an issue with my Guitar after its GEniuS™?”

If you discover a problem with your Guitar on receipt of it after its GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement - CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. You are 100% covered by our GEniuS™ Guarantee.

We will connect you with your GEniuS™ Technician who completed the work on your Instrument. Your GEniuS™ Technician will have intimate knowledge of your Guitar and will have detailed each process it underwent as part of its GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement.

Often in Transit, Necks can relieve themselves slightly, Tremelos can readjust and other moving parts may change position. These are all very common issues which can very easlily be rectified.

Your assigned GEniuS™ Technician will personally work with you remotely via Phone or Video-link to try and rectify your concerns. 

If the issue can not be solved thru this method, Port Mac Guitars will pay all return Shipping Costs to have the Guitar returned to us to undergo further evaluation and refinement.

If on receipt of your Guitar the issue still remains, Port Mac Guitars will Refund you the cost of the GEniuS™ INBOUND. We will also PERSONALLY PAY UP TO $200 to have the issue rectified at an Approved Competing Guitar Repairer.

We at Port Mac Guitars believe that the GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement is the best way to enhance the performance of your Guitar. Our GEniuS™ Guarantee is there to ensure that no matter the case, you will always be covered and we will do whatever it takes to ensure your Guitar is playing better than ever.


“What happens if I purchase a GEniuS™ INBOUND EXPRESS and it takes more than 1 Business  Day?”

The GEniuS™ INBOUND EXPRESS option is designed for players who want a super fast turnaround of their Instrument. 

On occasion, a larger hidden or previously undisclosed issue may be dicovered - preventing our GEniuS™ Technicians from completing the GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement from being completed within the agreed time frame to our GEniuS™ Technicians extremely high standards.

If this is the case, we will contact you immediately and will refund you $100. Your Guitar will remain an absolute priority for us and we will discuss with you the Lead Time associated to fully compete its GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement.


“How is my Guitar Insured during the shipping process?”

To ensure your Guitar arrives to and from us safely and securely, Port Mac Guitars personally Insures your Guitar for any damage or loss during its Transit.

In the event your Guitar is damaged during Transit, Port Mac Guitars will pay for all repair and freight costs. Port Mac Guitars will also refund your GEniuS™ Inbound fee. If the repair can not be completed by our In-house Luthiers, Port Mac Guitars will organise the repair to be completed by an Approved Guitar Repairer at zero cost to yourself.

If the Damage to the Instrument can not be repaired, Port Mac Guitars will work with you to replace your Instrument with one of Equal or Better value at the Market Sale Price of your Guitar as determined by Port Mac Guitars.

If the Guitar is lost during transit, Port Mac Guitars will work with you to replace your Instrument with one of Equal or Better value at the Market Sale Price of your Guitar as determined by Port Mac Guitars.


*If an unknown issue with the Guitar is discovered on its receipt to us which we ascertain can not be fixed within 1 Business Day, Port Mac Guitars will refund you $100 on consultation if a GEniuS™ Inbound EXPRESS was purchased. 

*Port Mac Guitars reserves the right to waive responsibility of any damage caused during shipping if the Guitar has been found to be packed negligently.

*Your GEniuS™ Guarantee covers you for Fair Usage meaning normal, reasonable playing of the instrument as sent to you from Port Mac Guitars as soon as you have received it back from us. If you have changed the strings or Tuning, modified any part of the Guitar, had the Guitar in an extreme temperature environment or have had the Guitar serviced by another Guitar Repairer without consulting Port Mac Guitars first, we reserve the right to void your GEniuS™ Guarantee. If anything about the Guitar concerns you once you have received it back from Port Mac Guitars - CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.

Brand Port Mac Guitars
Shipping Weight 10.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.100m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 0.400m
Shipping Cubic 0.088000m3
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