Port Mac Guitars exclusive GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement System was designed to give Guitarists Australia Wide something they had never been offered before - a comprehensive optimisation of their new Guitar, setup to their exact specifications taking the playability of the instrument to its peak.

Since its introduction, our In-House heavily trained GEniuS™ Technicians and Luthiers have exceeded the expectations of well over One Thousand Guitarists from all over Australia when they have purchased their new Guitar from Port Mac Guitars.

So exceptional have been the results experienced by our Customers, that their loud requests for us to GEniuS™ their existing Guitars, or Guitars they have purchased from other stores has led us to introduce our newest Customer Focused Initiative; GEniuS™ Inbound.


“What is GEniuS™ INBOUND?”

GEniuS™ Inbound is your opportunity to have your Guitar undergo one of our famous GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancements. The diference being, is now your Guitar can be optimised, refined and comprehensively Setup to your exact specifications - from anywhere in Australia. 

Our GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement is a 34 Step Process undertaken by our heavily trained and passionate GEniuS™ Technicians and is designed to take your Guitar to levels of performance you never thought possible. From the Headstock to its Input Jack, EVERY facet of your Guitar is examined, refined and optimised to ensure your Guitar presents and performs the best it can. Your assigned GEniuS™ Technician makes a personal phone call to you to discuss the Setup of the Instrument, so it is setup to exactly your playing needs. String Gauges, Tunings, Action Heights. Whatever it may be. The choice is your and the results have to be played to be believed.

Shipping is a simple flat rate of $49 Return Insured Shipping Australia Wide and after the return of your Guitar you are also covered by our GEniuS™ Guarantee


“How much does GEniuS™ INBOUND cost?”

Normally you would be paying imposing amounts to have your Guitar undego such levels of refinement. And that is before you even consider the freight costs! 

At Port Mac Guitars, we like to make things easy. Click one of the two GEniuS™ Inbound options below to book your Guitar in today!


“How does the GEniuS™ INBOUND $49 Insured Return Shipping Work?”

Freighting your Guitar to us is now easier, more stress free and safer than ever before. With our FLAT RATE $49 RETURN INSURED SHIPPING, all you have to do is get your Guitar safely packed and boxed up, ready for pickup- our Shipping Department does the rest.

Our FLAT RATE $49 RETURN INSURED SHIPPING** covers you for shipping BOTH WAYS AUSTRALIA WIDE. We personally Insure the shipment to make sure this process is as safe and secure as possible. Our Shipping Department will help guide you in how to pack your Guitar for its journey, will get you to photograph your results so we are sure it is packed ready for the Pickup and will liase with you to organise all the logistics.

For some handy hints on how to pack your Guitar, click on the Guide below!



“What is the GEniuS™ Guarantee?”

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement on receipt of your Guitar we will do whatever it takes to ensure your Guitar is performing better than ever. Your assigned GEniuS™ Technician will personally work with you remotely via Phone or Video-link to try and rectify your concerns. 

If the issue can not be solved thru this method, Port Mac Guitars will pay all return Shipping Costs to have the Guitar returned to us to undergo further evaluation and refinement.

If on receipt of your Guitar the issue still remains, Port Mac Guitars will Refund you the cost of the GEniuS™ INBOUND. We will also PERSONALLY PAY UP TO $200 to have the issue rectified at an Approved Competing Guitar Repairer.

We at Port Mac Guitars believe that the GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement is the best way to enhance the performance of your Guitar. Our GEniuS™ Guarantee is there to ensure that no matter the case, you will always be covered and we will do whatever it takes to ensure your Guitar is playing better than ever.


GEniuS™ Satisfaction Pledge

"We pledge to deliver you the most comprehensive and exceptional Setup and Optimisation Service available in Australia. If you are not completely overjoyed with the work we have undertaken on your guitar once you have received it back, and any issues arising from fair usage*** can not be resolved remotely by ourselves or by returning the instrument to us for secondary adjustment at our expense, we will completely refund all amounts paid including freight costs. And we will contribute up to $200 towards having your guitar serviced at a competing qualified business."



“So how good is a GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement?”


Don't take our word for it. See what you, our customers have to say!



*If an unknown issue with the Guitar is discovered on its receipt to us which we ascertain can not be fixed within 1 Business Day, Port Mac Guitars will refund you $100 on consultation if a GEniuS™ Inbound EXPRESS was purchased. 

**Port Mac Guitars reserves the right to waive responsibility of any damage caused during shipping if the Guitar has been found to be packed negligently.

***Fair usage means normal, reasonable playing of the instrument as sent to you from Port Mac Guitars as soon as you have received it back from us. If you have changed the strings or Tuning, modified any part of the Guitar, had the Guitar in an extreme temperature environment or have had the Guitar serviced by another Guitar Repairer without consulting Port Mac Guitars first, we reserve the right to void your GEniuS™ Guarantee. If anything about the Guitar concerns you once you have received it back from Port Mac Guitars - CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.