Ibanez Parts and Spares


In an effort to continue offering our Ibanez Customers the very best Range and Service in Australia, we would like to introduce an Australian first.

Thru our IBANEZ Parts and Spares Supply Service, Ibanez Customers will now have the ability to Repair and Refurbish their Precious Ibanez with Factory Ibanez Parts.

Using us as a medium to help you Advise, Find and Supply you with the appropriate parts you need- this Service will come at NO EXTRA COST to You!

So How Does It Work?

Basically we require you to Click Here

You will be taken to the Bible of Ibanez Parts for Guitars from Past and Present.

From here you can search thru the Catalogue to find your Model of Ibanez. Make sure you select AUSTRALIA as your country, otherwise you will get inconsistent results. Also be sure of your Year of Manufacture as some Guitars can change quite dramatically from year to year.

After you have found the specific Parts required, Email us HERE.

Set the Subject as Ibanez Parts Order and make sure to give us accurate Quantities of the Parts you need. Easiest way is to Copy and Paste the Part Number (as Circled Below) to be sure that you are ordering the right thing.

If you can't find the Part you are looking for, Email us with as much information about the Part you can, including:

  • THE GUITARS SERIAL NUMBER (Located on the Back of the Headstock or in the Soundhole)

As always, the more information you give us, the Quicker and Easier it will be to Find and Confirm the exact parts you need!

We will compile an Order for You, send you an Invoice and Advise you on Payment.

If the parts need to be ordered in, you will be advised an ETA as soon as we are notified.

As you can imagine, some Specialist Parts require a bit of digging and may need to be Custom Ordered in. If the part has an Extended ETA, you will be notified of this when we send you an invoice.

As with everything in life, there is limitations as detailed below:

  • THIS IS NOT A WARRANTY REPLACEMENT SERVICE. We will honour appropriate replacements on Guitars we have sold but advise that if you have a Warranty issue with an Ibanez you have purchased elsewhere that you deal with the Place of Purchase.
  • WE CAN NOT SUPPLY IBANEZ BRANDED NECKS, PICKUPS AND BODIES. Ibanez as a Brand take their Brand Equity VERY SERIOUSLY. Ibanez will not allow us to Sell Necks and Bodies outside of Warranty Situations to prevent "Hybrid" Guitars being created. The same goes with Ibanez Branded or Aftermarket (EMG, Seymor Duncan, etc) Pickups. We can still supply Aftermarket Branded Pickups thru our website. Rules are Rules...
  • WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR PARTS THAT WERE CHOSEN WRONG. So please, do your research and if you have any questions or doubts please contact us via Phone, Email, Chat, or Text. We are here to make sure you choose correctly as well as advise you on Correct Installation if required. And our Help and Advice is FREE!