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We are currently not accepting any new 500 Club members as of 28/2/18.

6 month Online Lay-by.

500 Club members are eligible for a 6 Month Online Lay-by Term on eligible orders over $500. Membership must be paid for before commencing the 6 month Online Lay-by and if renewal of membership is due before the lay-by term ends, membership must be paid in order for the lay-by to continue. A 10% deposit amount is available to 500 Club members only at the commencement of eligible lay-bys. Payment towards 6 month lay-bys is required each calendar month for the lay-by to remain valid. Failure to make payments in two consecutive calendar months will result in the cancellation of the Online Lay-by. All paid funds will be refunded via the original method of payment or via Bank Transfer within 5 working days. We do not charge any fees or keep your deposit when a lay-by is cancelled. To keep you on track with payment of your Online Lay-by we require that you hit a Milestone of 50% of the total purchase price paid by 90 days after the commencement of the lay-by. If you are significantly behind payments at this stage we will discuss with you about cancelling the lay-by and arranging a refund. You are more than welcome to pay off your lay-by at any time in full during the 6 month term.

The Maximum Term we can offer our 500 Club members is 6 Months. We are unable to offer any extension to this term. Please let us know as soon as possible if you feel you can’t meet this term and we will arrange a full refund for you. Once again, we do not charge any fees for cancelations. Your item will be shipped out to you once the full amount of the lay-by has been paid. Shipping is Free and is Fully Insured.


Online Trade-in.

You are welcome to use a trade-in as a deposit towards an Online Lay-by. Should you cancel the lay-by at any stage and your trade-in item is still in our possession we will refund your cash payments and return your trade-in to you, however you will need to pay the freight costs of your item. If your item is already sold we can only off a store credit for the trade-in amount. Please note this is due to NSW Law that prevents us from buying used items without a second hand dealers license. Paying you a cash amount for your item would constitute buying the item from you which we can not do.


Guitar Concierge Service.

Once you become a 500 Club member you will receive a call from one of our consultants to discuss what kind of gear you are interested in and would like to be alerted about. For example, if you are interested in Japanese Fenders and we trade one in, you will receive a message by text, phone or email letting you know we may have something that would interest you. That way you get first chance to buy it before it goes on sale to the public. You can let us know about multiple things you are after so we can keep an eye out for you. 


Early Access to Sale Events and Exclusive Offers

Being a 500 Club member grants you early access to Sale Events before the general public. We will alert you to these events in advance and provide you with special links to access secret areas on our website for 500 Club members only. We will also be offering Exclusive Offers for members with promos and discounts not available to the general public.


​Frequent Buyer Programme

  • Port Mac Guitars retains the rights to all earned $PMG as part of the Port Mac Guitars 500 CLUB Frequent Buyer Programme.
  • $PMG Earned is a Virtual Currency and as such is Non-Refundable. $PMG can not be exchanged for Cash.
  • $PMG can not be used to pay new or existing Lay-bys. They are only usable on New Purchases.
  • $PMG can only be used ONLINE at www.portmacguitars.com.au . $PMG can not be redeemed In-Store. Orders however, can be processed ONLINE and Picked Up In-Store.
  • $PMG can only be used toward products listed ONLINE at www.portmacguitars.com.au 
  • Port Mac Guitars reserves the rights to stipulating what Custom Orders, Back Orders and other Special Orders and Builds can have $PMG applied to. 
  • If the User is using Traded In Items to go toward the purchase of another Product with Cash to fulfil the payment of the Product, only the value of the Cash paid will accrue $PMG. The Value of the Traded Items will not be able to accrue $PMG.
  • If the User cancels an incoming Order or Online Lay-by, the $PMG earned from that transaction will also be cancelled and deducted from the Users Account. If the $PMG earned from the cancelled transaction are being or have been used against another order, Port Mac Guitars reserves the right to amend any current or future invoice to reflect the deduction of $PMG gained from the cancelled Transaction.
  • Port Mac Guitars reserves the rights to cancel any accrued $PMG, any Order or any Account of a User found to be acting fraudulently and outside of these Terms and Conditions.
  • A User must be a member of the Port Mac Guitars 500 CLUB to use their accrued $PMG. If the Users 500 CLUB Annual Subscription has expired, they forfeit the ability to use their $PMG and will lose their accrued $PMG 30 Days there-after if the subscription is not re-newed.
  • Port Mac Guitars reserves the right to ammend these Terms and Conditions at any time.