Frequently Asked Questions About Rentals

Here you can find all the common questions we get asked about Rentals. Please contact us HERE if you have any other questions not covered here.


Q: How much does it cost to rent something?

A: The rental cost per month will be dependant on the total price of the item. The product page for each item available for rental has indication of the cost on a weekly basis.


Q: How long does it take to get approved?

A: If you apply in-store or over the phone the approval can come through in less than an hour. Sometimes longer if the the rental company has to get some extra info from you. Applying online can take about 24 hours again depending on if they require more info from you.


Q: How long can I rent something for?

A: Our rental company Studio 19 offer a 24 and 36 month total rental period.


Q: Do I own the item at the end of the rental period?

A: No, but you can buy out the item at anytime. There is a guide on each product page that gives an indication of the buy out price at different time periods in your rental contract


Q: What does minimum rental term mean?

A: There are two options for this. 6 months and 12 months. Basically this is the minimum amount of time you are committing rent the item/s. After that period you can choose to continue renting the item or hand it back to Studio 19.


Q: Can I hand the item back before the minimum rental period?

A: You can only hand the item back to Studio 19 after the selected minimum rental period has passed.


Q: Can I buy out the item before the minimum rental period finishes?

A: Yes, you can actually choose to buy it out at any time.


Q: Is this Rent to Buy?

A: No, not really. It's basically like renting a house. You pay a rental fee each month and you get to use the instrument. After the minimum rental period is over you can choose to give the instrument back and rent something else if you want to. Just like moving into a new house. Our you can stay where you are. Make sense? But you can choose to buy the instrument out if you want to own it for good. Studio 19 will advise the buy out cost depending on how far you are into your rental contract.


Q: What if I rent something and I don't like it? Can I return it? 

A: Generally you can't return the item before the minimum rental period has passed, but there is some leeway if you act quickly on your decision. The best thing to do is call Studio 19 and see if they are willing to cancel the rental for you. 


Q: What if my item breaks down? Am I covered by warranty?

A: Yes, you are covered by the same warranty that you would have if you bought it outright. Simply contact us if you are having issues.