Ibanez Thermo Aged Acoustics at Port Mac Guitars

Nothing sounds like a Vintage Acoustic Guitar. After years of playing, the top of an older Guitar will bed in and age - sounding fuller with more resonance. It will become more stable and will harbour more projection. As the moisture falls out of the wood over many years, the top will vibrate more freely - tones will be bigger, sustain will feel longer and the guitar will become a more desirable instrument to play and to own.

But what if there was a way to "Fast - Forward" this process so that a brand new Guitar could begin to exhibit the same properties as a vintage one? Ibanez have created a way. It is called Thermo Aging and the resulting Instrument is mind-blowing.

We at Port Mac Guitars love Guitar Manufacturers that innovate- and Ibanez have really hit the nail on the Head. All of the Thermo Aged™ Ibanez Acoustics we have received are incredible; Lightweight, Full and Resonant with that amazing Aged look. After a GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement we have found the Instruments reach their full potential, with more projection and better tonal balance. The Action becomes much lower, more playable and is better optimized than what is set on the factory setup and as such you get an acoustic that plays like one three times the price. Our skilled GEniuS™ Technicians Dress, Crown and Polish each Fret - so the risk of "dead" or "buzzing" frets is negated leaving you with an instrument that is far beyond what Ibanez originally designed.  We even ship these with Free and Fully Insured Shipping Australia Wide as we want the world to know how good these Ibanez Acoustics can be. 

Lets learn a bit below about what Thermo Aging™ really is:


The Artwood Vintage series now showcases a vintage element by applying an "aging" process to the tonewood : "Thermo Aged™" tone wood,  made by a special drying process at a high temperature which is commonly known as "baking" or "torrefaction."


Only choice selected and seasoned tone wood can be cured to Thermo Aged™ wood. The wood is heated in a vacuum with a specific treatment for each kind of wood in order to release water and decompose resin contained within the wood. As a result, Thermo Aged™ tone wood becomes light, hard and stable like tone wood dried for decades, while providing amazing response and a louder sound. The tone character includes a full-bodied low-end and a great smooth sustain in the treble strings which are common features of vintage guitars. Plus, the Thermo Aged™ process turns spruce tops amber, adding another vintage characteristic.

The Thermo Aged™ process makes the sound louder across the entire frequency range, especially the bass and treble areas. (The base line in the graph represents the sound character of Non-Thermo Aged guitar). Having a Thermo Aged™ solid back brings further enhancement to the sound along with the Thermo Aged™ solid top; even more bass, even more treble, and plenty of punch.

Have a look below at our Thermo Aged™ range at Port Mac Guitars!