Important Price Rise Information November 2019

Price Rises Coming on Key Product Lines in November 2019

Due to the long term devalued Australian Dollar, we have been advised by two of our major suppliers that they will be increasing the prices of several major brands as of the 1st of November 2019. The brands that will be affected by these increases are: Boss, Roland, Ibanez, Gibson, Behringer, Armour, Tasman, Ashton and Orange. In the case of Boss and Roland, the price rise to us actually occurred in Mid October but we have elected to absorb the increases until the start of November.

What does this mean to you? It means you will see an increase of generally 3-5% in the Recommended Retail Price of these brands. The bottom line is that our discounted prices for the brands will have to increase by a small margin. But there is an upside. All stock of these brands that we physically have in stock at our store will remain at their current prices until sold.  Once we have to replenish them, they will be at the new prices. So in the meantime, you may see things like two of the same model but in different colours having two slightly different prices. Both may say they are "In Stock at Store or Warehouse" but the lower priced item will be in stock at our store with the old price maintained until sold and the other will be in stock at our supplier's warehouse and subject to the price rise.

How does this all affect our "Massive Christmas Sale"? We are still offering an Extra 10% Off storewide on all items in stock until November 30th. What it really means is that if you are looking at something and want to ensure that you are not affected by the price rises you really should grab what you are after before November 1st or while items are still in stock at our store. Naturally, we are not too pleased about the timing of these price increases being so close to Christmas but they are unavoidable. We just thought you all deserved to know they were happening so you could make informed decisions. Especially if you were thinking to take advantage of our Christmas Sale

Thank you for your support of our store and as always we will try to be as transparent as possible with these sorts of issues.

Merry Christmas!

Rob Mestric

Store Owner

Port Mac Guitars