Marshall Re-Issue Half Stack Promo

Been aching to get a Vinatge Marshall Stack into your life? Been hanging out for the Special Deals? The Time is Now!

We have one of each of these JCM800 and JCM900 Stacked on 1960A Cabs at a Rock-Bottom Price. Both include Free Shipping Australia Wide. The discounts on these are massive- at over 45% off!!!

Both the JCM800 and 900 are Legends in their own rights and are the machines that helped define that "Marshall Tone". Big, Loud and Full Bodied- you are never left wanting and is one of the few moments where playing an Amp is an Experience.

Don't regret letting these Rigs slide. Jump on them now! Buy em'! Rent em'! Online Lay-by em'! 

*Note: A "Full Stack" is referred to a Stack that has both the Straight Cab and Angled Cabinet underneath it. Half Stack Refers to a single Cabinet underneath. Today You Learned!

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