Port Mac Guitars New Online Trade Hub is LIVE!

Online Trade Hub

Port Mac Guitars New Online Trade Hub is LIVE! 

We all have dream guitars we lust over or are just looking for our next Guitar "Fix". 

Often the barrier may be of the Financial nature, or plainly someone else in your life telling you that "You have too many Guitars". 

But what if you could simply break down those barriers? Or you are sick of being lowballed constantly on eBAY or Gumtree? Or you want to sell a Guitar but the Shipping process seems like a nightmare?

From today Customers Australia Wide will be able to quickly and easily turn their un-needed Gear into PMG Credits to be used anywhere on our Website!

On every product on our Website, you will now find a RED Trade-In Button which when clicked, will take you to the Online Trade Hub.



Online Trade Hub

In the Online Trade Hub you have the ability to directly message our experienced Trade In Team with your potential Trade via either Text, Email or super conveniently directly through Facebook. 

You can easily Trade one, two or twenty items if you please.

We negotiate a Trade Value for your potential Trades and once that amount has been agreed to, for a flat rate shipping fee of $39.99 (which can be negated from your Credit) Port Mac Guitars organise all the inbound logistics.

Once your Trades have arrived and have been verified, we apply a Credit into your account to use as you please! You can put it towards a deposit on a new Online Lay-by, use it to buy Multiple Guitars, use it to buy accessories or you can keep trading more Gear to build you Credit up. The choice is yours!

Online Trade Hub
So jump onto the Online Trade Hub today! 

There is a lot more information on how the process works and even a handy 6 and a Half Step Packing Guide to help your Trades get to us safely.

Port Mac Guitars wants to make buying your First, Next or Last guitar the best experience possible and the Online Trade Hub is another piece to that puzzle.

So send your Trades to us today! Click HERE to be take to the Hub and to learn more.

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