Spring Clear-out

It is finally Spring! And you know what that means...

It is time for a Spring Clear-out! 

We are clearing out some Stock that is either Old, Discontinued or just needs to be moved on!

All items are Display Stock and are still covered by their Factory Warranty. All Guitars still receive our famous GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement System and Luthier Setup to your specifications. Shipping on all Items/Orders over $500 is Free and Fully Insured. 

Your Purchase Options include:

  • Secure the item you are after with a special 20% Deposit, 7 Day Lay-by, then Trade some of your Gear towards the item via our ONLINE TRADE HUB or pay the balance within 7 Days once you have sorted your funds.
  • ONLINE RENT the Item with Studio19 on the advertised price. Apply Online or call us for a faster approval service.
  • Just Buy it Outright!
IMPORTANT LAYBY NOTE As these are all extremely HOT Prices on these items, our normal 3-month or 500 CLUB 6 Month Layby Terms will not apply. In STEP 3 OF THE CHECKOUT you will find an option for a 20% DEPOSIT, 7-DAY LAYBY. This will help you quickly secure your item and will give you time to organise the extra funds. OR, you can use this to secure an item first before sending thru your Trade's to us via our ONLINE TRADE HUBAny attempt at circumventing this condition will result in a REFUND AND CANCELLED LAYBY and chances are you will miss out on grabbing the bargain you were after! We will be calling all Customers who choose the Lay-by option to confirm they are aware of this condition.