Want to Play Acoustic Guitar?

Acoustic Guitars are always a must-have for any budding and experienced Guitarists.

They come in 2 different String types. Either NYLON String or Steel String.

Nylon String Guitars use a different type of string which is softer on the fingertips. They also often have a slightly wider and flatter neck. 

The Sound of Nylon guitars is not as sharp as a Steel String (it is softer) and is easier to play with your Fingers, rather than with a Guitar Pick. Certain styles of music like Flamenco or Spansih Guitar is made for Nylon String Guitars. 

Steel String Guitars are very popular for Learners. They use a string that is often a combination of Phospher and Bronze, or a mix of other alloys. This makes the string sound slightly different. The sound is louder than a Nylon String Guitar and projects the sound further. Steel String Guitars are better for picking with a Guitar Pick and strumming. 

Everything from Folk to Rock suits a Steel String Acoustic Guitar and is always a safe choice. 

Both Nylon and Steel String Acoustic Guitars can come with a Pickup installed (so you can plug into a Mixer, Amplifier or a Recording Device) and can have a Built In Tuner- saving you from buying one! They can also have a "Cutaway" which is a contour in the body where the neck is attached. This allows the player to easliy reach the upper frets of the Neck.