October New CORE PRS to Showcase, Exotic Wood Ibanez and more!



Hey everyone,
The month is nearly over but the magic never stops!

We are all about preparing for the XMAS season as it is just around the corner! Our GEniuS™ Technicians have been working non-stop in setting up some of the most beautiful guitars money can buy and the results keep getting better and better! 

It is inspiring to see the passion the guys have in working GEniuS™ Enhancements and that passion transfers into the finished products. The results are continuously blowing the minds of players Australia Wide and have seen the phones ringing off the hook with players looking to get their first, next or last guitar from Port Mac Guitars. 

Remember, we love those Trade In's so always feel free to drop us line for a Trade Evaluation. 
Don't forget to keep an eye on our Trade In page by clicking HERE as the virtual walls of our Online Store are forever changing.

So lets check out some cool stuff below! Click the Pictures for more info as well!


Traded In Charvel

Charvel is sort of having a renaissance in the Super - Strat world with their Rock take on the classic Stratocaster design.

Still made by Fender hands in their Mexican Factory, their bare maple necked, Seymour Duncan loaded , Floyd Rose equipped machines are a bedrock for big tones and great setups.

Plus, with the re-addition of some super bold colours, a Charvel these days really sets you apart from the herd. As the MIM Charvels are made by a smaller team within the broader Mexican Fender Factory, the attention to detail these guitars see is some of the best around. Really impressive stuff. 

And what better way to enter the Charvel fold than with a Traded in one! Saving you hundreds, this barely played Traded In 2016 made San Dimas Style One is loaded with Seymour Duncan JB and '59 pickups for a world class sound. It also includes a Hard Case and Free Insured Shipping.

It also includes a GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement. and will be Setup to your exact Spec's.

Click the Charvel Image above for more details and Studio Shots of your next guitar!
PRS McCarty

Another fresh addition in the Top End of town is this super-trick PRS Core Range MCCARTY. 

Why is it super-trick? Well with a Pattern Shaped Rosewood Neck and Ebony Fretboard, this prestigious instrument plays and FEELS like nothing you have ever graced your hands across before.  
Its Copper finished 10-Topped Highly Figured Maple Top looks out of this world and is the gift that keeps on giving. We aren't sure how PRS keeps doing it, but their CORE Tops all have a myriad of dimensions when inspecting the figuring. Every instrument is so unique which is why Port Mac Guitars continues to hand pick them. And we could not resist this McCarty! Can you?!

The quality of this instrument is just beyond comprehension. You can get a small taste of its calibre by requesting a Video Demo on our website by clicking the picture above.

We have included a few Purchase Options for this one, like Buying It outright, Online Lay-bying it, Renting it through STUDIO19 or Trading other Guitars toward it. 

Click the image above for some of the heaviest Guitar Porn you will see in a while. 
Ibanez Ziricote


Exotic Tops are finding their way back into the traditional Guitar market. Ibanez have always been a bit of a leader in the mainstream brands to finding weird and wonderful tops to showcase in their Guitars and this Premium SA1060 is no exception.

Ibanez have sourced a tonne of highly figured, deep coloured Ziricote which is part of the Cordia family. Combined with a Mahogany body, the results are an extremely unique looking instrument.

Ibanez have taken the Exotic Wood side of things a bit further with this model, in equipping it with a Stratocaster like Premium shaped neck which is made of a Wenge and Bubinga Skunk Striped combo. What does it feel like? Like a massage in your hands. The open pored nature of Wenge gives the neck a raw feel which really adds to the exotic nature of this Instrument.

Other premium features include Seymour Duncan appointed Vintage Flat™ and a Humbucking JB™ in a HSS configuration to help cement the artisan vibe of this Ibanez. Its ZPS-FX Balanced SyncroniZR Tremelo System is one of the most modern and versatile Trem Systems Ibanez makes and allows you to go from a full floating setup to a VIntage style 2-Point Tremelo feel. This can all be customised for you before shipping as part of its GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement.

It includes Free Insured Shipping Australia Wide, Premium Ibanez Featherweight Case, GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement and you can even request a Video Demo for it on our Website.

Click the pic above for a heap of Studio Pictures and all its purchase options! 
Until next time,
Port Mac Guitars

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