September Fresh Neon Charvels, Thermo Aged Ibanez Acoustics and Fender Offsets arriving.



Hey everyone,
XMAS is now amazingly (and scarily) only 3 Months away and our walls at Port Mac Guitars are filling up quick. 

With everyday bringing a new Guitar to play, we are feeling spoilt for choice! Remember our Online Lay-by still goes to the end of 2016 with just a 20%, so getting that new Guitar into your life isn't too much of a stretch. 

Trading your no longer needed Gear is also an option to help bring that price to what is within your budget, so always feel free to to drop us a line and to ask for an evaluation! 

So lets have a look below about some of our new arrivals!


Charvel Guitars
Get a Charvel into your Rig to brighten up your day!
One of the most under-rated brands in Australia we think is Charvel. These modern Super-Strats are incredible instruments that after a GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement, can become one of the best weapons in your arsenal. 

We are now stocking a comprehensive range of Mexican Made Sol-Cal and San Dimas's which are Seymour Duncan loaded for those big rock tones. The neck profiles on their naked Maple Necks are a super-comfy U that are quicker than you would imagine. With correct optimization of their Floyd Rose Tremelo, setups are getting down to that 1.1mm range that turn these into a true players Guitar. 

And with those Fluro Finishes - Stand out from the Crowd! Click the image above to have a good gander at the range and lets bring back the 80's!
Ibanez Thermo Aged Acoustics
Ibanez Thermo Aged™ technology turning new Acoustics into Vintage ones.
Ibanez have recently released their new Thermo Aged™ Range of Artwood Vintage Acoustics that have to be seen to be believed. By speeding up the ageing and resin decomposition process that normally takes place over many years (which lets the Top vibrate more freely, thus with more full range volume and projection), Ibanez have created a torrefaction or baking process which helps achieve this. 

As Ibanez describe: 
Only choice selected and seasoned tone wood can be cured to Thermo Aged™ wood. The wood is heated in a vacuum with a specific treatment for each kind of wood in order to release water and decompose resin contained within the wood. As a result, Thermo Aged™ tone wood becomes light, hard and stable like tone wood dried for decades, while providing amazing response and a louder sound. The tone character includes a full-bodied low-end and a great smooth sustain in the treble strings which are common features of vintage guitars. Plus, the Thermo Aged™ process turns spruce tops amber, adding another vintage characteristic. Truly amazing stuff. 

Click the picture above to check out some more info on this process and the prices of these Guitars will also amaze you...
Fender Offsets
Fender Mustangs, Duo-Sonics and Off-sets have landed!
Offsets have always been a favourite of the Indie Musician as well as the Garage Bandit. Built for short-scale glory, their 24" Scale Length sizes make Fender New Offset range a tonne of fun to play. 
There is a tonne of new finishes and configuration in both the Mustang and Duo- Sonic ranges are beginning to land in Australia and are quickly becoming one of our GEniuS™ Technicians favourite instruments to optimise. 
The platform that Fender has created on these Mexican Made machines to create a superior playing instrument is a welcome addition to the range. Have a click above to check out the range, and start dreaming up that setup you will want our GEniuS™ Technicians to make a reality. 
Until next time,
Port Mac Guitars

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