EDEN D210XST-8 8 Ohm Cabinet

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For those players who need a portable, high performance rig with even more low end than the XLT, we have designed a new 2 x 10"" cabinet for our latest XST woofers. This new 2 x 10"" cabinet handles more power than many 4 x 10"" cabs on the market. The low end is full but tight, the mids are open and well defined and the highs are clear and crisp. Truly amazing low end output for a 2 x 10"" enclosure.

Speakers EC-1060XS Cast Frame
Tweeter E-2700 Cast Bell
Crossover 3.5kHz @18db
Power Handling 500W RMS
Freq. Response 30hz - 14khz ±2dB
Sensitivity 103dB SPL@1W1M
Impedance 4Ω or 8Ω
Dimensions 23""w x 18""h x 18.5""d

59 LBS

SKU 30926
Brand Eden
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg
EDEN D210XST-8 8 Ohm Cabinet has a rating of 5/5 based on 2 reviews.

Eden D210XST Bass Cab

By: on 17 August 2016
Follow up to my previous review: Adding a second D210XST turned out to be a great choice. It seems better than just more volume. The warm bottom end that I love seems to be emphasised, but still clear, not muddy. Thanks Rob for the good advice. Really happy with the result.

Eden D210XST Bass Cab

By: on 27 July 2016
I spent many hours visiting all the music shops in Adelaide looking for the right bass rig for me. Finally, I walked into a shop that had the Eden D210XST cab and an Eden WT550 amp. This gear sold itself to me as soon as I heard it! The rich, warm, low lows are just beautiful! I play a Yamaha 5-string bass, and it never sounded so good! I have been using this setup for over a year now - mainly in a church context. The church hall holds maybe 150 people, so not a huge venue, but this cab is quite adequate to fill it with all the bass we need. Plenty of punch for the more rocky songs, but also beautifully warm low lows for quiet legato passages. I am playing the 4-Ohm version. There is an 8-Ohm version available too, which may be better if you plan to stack cabs. However, my WT550 amp will happily run a 2-Ohm load, so I'm about to purchase a second D210XST 4-Ohm for when I play larger venues. Others say the D210XST combines really well with a D410XLT too, but for my playing style I prefer the XST sound. (The XLTs have a low-mid hump which some bassists like for cut-through, but the XSTs have a flatter frequency response profile and a warmer bottom end.) I also love the portability of the D210 cabs compared to a quad-box. Not being so young any more, I don't really want to be lifting quad boxes around, but I can manage two D210XSTs one-at-a-time just fine. :-)

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