Epiphone Les Paul

The Epiphone Les Paul is an extremely well-regarded instrument that has been on the road with countless legendary players and they all praise its tonal characteristics and open sound. And they are right! Epiphone Guitars are the perfect choice for any player or guitarist looking for the ultimate Les Paul Guitars that are crafted with attention to detail, quality, and musical performance. You will love the versatility, value for money and great looks of an Epiphone Les Paul.


Originally rising through the late 1950s and peaking in the early 1960s, the Les Paul guitar was the rock guitar of its era. The Humbucking Pickups of the Les Paul are known for their rich and biting character and are considered some of the best guitar pickups the industry has ever produced. One of the world's most sought after musical instruments, the Les Paul is the true epitome of excellence, as seen through the eyes of guitarists all over the world.