Fender American Professional Range arrives at Port Mac Guitars!

The Succesor to the American Standard, Fender have designed the total USA made Guitar in the new American Professional Range. Port Mac Guitars is excited about the new American Professional Range as it is a fantastic step forward. The famous USA Made Jazzmasters and Jaguars are back! As well as some really intuitive and useful design tweaks.

Lets have a look at the changes and new additions in the range.

  • Each of the new USA Pro series features Fender's latest treble bleed circuitry for outstanding high end clarity.
  • The V-Mod Pickups, developed by pickup master Tim Shaw, are brand-new single-coil pickups voiced specifically for each position. Mixing alnico magnet types produce powerful, nuanced tone.
  • A refined, modern 'Deep C' neck profile with narrow-tall frets provides a super smooth and more accurate playing experience. 
  • Each guitar and bass in the line-up comes with an Elite Moulded Hard Case. 
  • New Colours! Sonic Grey, Mystic Seafoam and Antique Olive finishes are new and fresh to the 2017 Range. 
  • The Jazzmaster and Jaguar are back in a big way! They return to join their Electric Stratocaster and Telecaster bretheren.

Lets break things down a little further between the new American Professional Electric Guitars and Basses.


  • New modern “Deep C” neck profile
  • Narrow-tall frets
  • Treble-bleed circuit
  • Bone nut
  • Includes Elite Molded hardshell case
  • Redesigned bridge with modified posts, brass Mustang saddles and screw-in arm (Jazzmaster and Jaguar models)
  • New nickel-silver pickup claw (Jaguar model)
  • Four-way pickup switch/pickup phase switch (Jaguar model)
  • Pop-in tremolo arm (Stratocaster models)
  • New bridge with compensated brass barrel saddles and redesigned bridge cover (Telecaster models)


  • Narrow-tall frets
  • Fluted-shaft tuning machines
  • Bone nut
  • Posiflex graphite rods
  • ’63 P Bass neck profile (Precision Bass models)
  • New “Thin C”-shaped neck profile (Jazz Bass models)

Be Sure to check out the Range of American Professional Electrics HERE.

And the American Professional Basses HERE.


With Port Mac Guitars every American Professional sent from us gets our Award Winning experience. 

Every American Professional from Port Mac Guitars comes in a Fender American Elite Molded ABS Hard Case and is shipped FREE and FULLY INSURED Australia Wide.

Every American Professional from Port Mac Guitars goes through a GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement which is a 34 Step intensive Luthier Customised Setup and optimisation of your new Guitar. For NO Extra Charge. No dull looking, buzzing frets. No need for you to pay someone else to set it up. Just the best playing Guitar possible, matched to your individual playing style, straight out of its case. 

Every American Professional from Port Mac Guitars is covered by our 14 Day Free Freight Return Policy. Where if you aren't 100% Happy with your new Guitar we will pay all return costs. Zero Risk for the Player.

You can even Online Lay-by, Online Rental or Trade your old gear towards a new American Professional as part of our Online Trade Hub

You may find a better price, but as thousands of Port Mac Guitars Customers will attest, a Guitar bought from Port Mac Guitars is just a Better Experience! A Better playing Guitar. Better and Risk-Free Customer Focused Policies. Better Customer Support and Better Purchase Options. 


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