Frequently Asked Questions About GEniuS™

Here you can find all the common questions we get asked about our GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement System with PLEK. Please contact us HERE if you have any other questions not covered here.


Q: What is GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement System with PLEK?

A: GEniuS™ is a series of processes and enhancements we do on every eligible guitar to improve the playability far beyond just a regular good setup. 


Q: What the heck is a PLEK?

A: PLEK is a computer-controlled machine that can perform incredibly accurate scans of frets and fretboards, fret dressing and recrowns, nut and bridge cutting, and fretboard planning. You can find more details HERE.


Q: Does a new guitar really need this stuff done to it? Shouldn't it be good to go? It's a brand new guitar.

A: After completing over 7000 GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancment Systems we can confidently say that there hasn't been a guitar that hasn't benifited from it. By the time a new guitar reaches us for sale the neck timber can settle into the different environment and shift causing unlevel fret work. Quite often the fret work just isn't up to standard and needs some TLC to get it right. Our PLEK machine allowes us to do the lightest possible fret dress to ensure a superb playing surface without reducing the fret life. 


Q: Surely a high-end guitar doesn't need that sort of thing done?

A: You'd be suprised! The best way to put would to say that the factory setup and fretwork would allow for a setup 7/10 and GEniuS™ allowes us to get a 10/10 setup.


Q: Aside from fret work, what other stuff do you do?

A: We do up to 34 different process in GEniuS™. See HERE for a comprehensive list. 


Q: Do you do GEniuS™ on traded-in guitars?

A: We sure do!


Q: Can I specify string gauge, tuning and action height?

A: Absolutley. After you have made your purchase your assigned GEniuS™ Tech will contact to discuss your playing needs. It's a very personalised service.


Q: How long does GEniuS™ take to do?

A: Generally speaking, it takes our techs between 60-90 minutes depending on the model of guitar.


Q: If I buy a guitar in-store, can I get it GEniuS™done on it straight away?

A: That depends on our current workload, our staff levels and time of day. If you live locally to us we generally advise you to take the guitar an play for a few days, then drop it back in to have it done.


Q: I'm driving up/down from far away to buy a guitar from you. Can you do GEniuS™ while I wait?

A: Please let us know in advance of your plans and we will do everything in our power to make it happen for you.


Q: What if I get my new guitar arrive at home and find the setup is wierd or buzzy? We're you guys supposed to fix all that stuff?

A: On occassion guitar necks can move slightly in transit and change their level of relief (bow in the neck). Most commonly the neck can bow slightly backwards causing some buzz on the first few frets. This is easy to fix and our GEniuS™ Techs are there to assist you over the phone or via video linkup if need be. Needless to say, we never let anything out the door not playing beautifully so just give us a call and we'll sort it out for you.


Q: I don't need GEniuS™. I do all my own setups. Take it out and make the price cheaper.

A: Sorry, but we don't offer that sort of thing. GEniuS™ is also our quality assurance system and therefore we don't allow guitars to ship out without it.


Q: Can I get the GEniuS™ Guitar Enhancement System with PLEK done on my own guitar? How much?

A: You certainly can. You can find all the details HERE.