Port Mac Guitars Online Trade Hub



Welcome to Port Mac Guitars Guitar Online Trade Hub!

Here you can Text, Email or Facebook Message us a Guitar, Amp or Pedal you are looking to Trade In towards your new Guitar! This service is available to Players Australia Wide! 


The Key features of the Port Mac Guitars Online Trade Hub are:

  • Trade in your no longer needed Gear towards your next Purchase. Even use it towards a new or existing Online Lay-by.
  • Easily have your Gear evaluated by our experienced and knowledgable Trade In Team via Text, Email or Facebook Messenger.
  • Pay only a $39.99 Flat Rate Inbound Shipping Charge per Item - AUSTRALIA WIDE. Our Shipping Team organise all Logistics so you don't have to stress!
  • Super Simple to get started - Just click your preferred Contact Option below, which will either Email sales@portmacguitars.com.au or Text 0434674694 (when browsing on mobile only)! You can even message us directly thru Facebook Messenger for an even more quick and convenient way!

Note: It is Online Trade Hub Policy that we will NOT give "Ball Park" Prices or Evaluations without seeing Pictures of the Items you wish to Trade. If you do not send thru the information we need as per below we will still request it before proceeding the Evaluation further.


After you have Texted or Emailed your prospective Trade In to us, we will then evaluate the market price of the item through a variety of channels. These include checking our own records of previous sales of similar items and examining other Online Marketplaces for the sell prices of the items.

We will then get in contact with you to let you know what we would be anticipating at selling the item for and what the Trade Value of the item will be. As we always need to cover our Operational Costs in the reselling of the item, this will be reflected in the price of the item.

Once the amount has been agreed to, you will then receive a phone call from our Shipping Department to discuss the logistics. We liase with you how the item should be packed and how/when it will be picked up. All our in-bound Shipping is conducted with TNT Express. 

When the item has arrived to us and has been Verified, we will either apply a Credit into your Online Account for the agreed amount, or directly to the Order of your new Instrument. Many customers use this service to trade multiple Items to purchase multiple items - so whichever you prefer!

Please note; as we do not have a NSW Second Hand Dealers License it is against the Law for us to offer cash for items or to Sell on Consignment. We can offer Store Credit only. This includes un-used Trade Credit being paid to you in Cash. Please do not ask!



As this is a Remote Service, the most important part of this process is the pictures and associated information of the item you provide to us. It is our only indicator to the condition of the instrument and helps us greatly in ascertaining what we can offer. The more doubt of the condition of the instrument we have, the lower the price we can offer you! 

To help you get the right shot and to tell us the things we need to know, here is some guidelines for you to follow:


  • The basic rule is: The more photos and information you send us the better the evaluation we can give. The more doubt we have about the condition of the Item, the lower the price we will offer.
  • Blurry photos are of little use. Take your time to get the correct focus and shot. No need to rush!
  • Please always include a clear Photo of the Serial Number of the Item.
  • Photos of dents, scratches and knicks on the Gear are required as any unknown issue we find when the guitar arrives may result in the Trade In being rejected and you having to pay return shipping. This is also applicable to any Hard Case that may be included in the Trade.
  • Inspect your Item carefully and note down any faults, blemishes and the like which we would find on the Items arrival to us - No matter how small. Detail this to us in your Text Message or Email as we will ask you these questions. 
  • Electronic operation of the item (if applicable) is very important. We need to know ahead of time if a pickup isn't working or a light doesn't work. Failure to do this may reult in the Trade being rejected and returned.
  • Operation and condition of the Hardware of the Guitar is very important for us to know. Broken Hardware that was not detailed may result in your Trade being rejected and returned.
  • If unspecified issues are found, deceitfully hidden faults are discovered or the item is not as described, your Trade In will be rejected. You are then responsible for all Return Freight Charges which must be paid before return dispatch of your Item. This is at the full discretion of Port Mac Guitars. 
  • *NB We can not offer Insured Inbound Shipping with TNT Express. While we will help and advise you the best we can on how to pack your Guitar - it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure it is packed safely and securely. Please click the link below for a handy guide.