500 Club Frequent Buyer Programme



We are currently not accepting any new 500 Club members as of 28/2/18.

With Port Mac Guitar 500 CLUB Frequent Buyer Programme, you can now earn $PMG to put towards your next purchase! Buying your next Guitar has never been more rewarding!  Earning and Using $PMG is Super Easy!

NOTE: You will only be able to see what $PMG you are earning if you are a 500 CLUB MEMBER and are logged into your Account. If you have recently joined the 500 CLUB, please give us 24 Hours to activate your Membership.

After you have added your desired Guitar, Amp or Accessory to your Cart, sign into your Account and head to the Checkout!

While in Checkout you can then see:


Then, head down to the Payment Section.

If you have $PMG earned from a previous order, you can see your Balance Available. You can then also apply this Credit of $PMG to your order which then reflects in the Balance Due!


Head thru Checkout as per normal and You are done! 

Your $PMG balance is updated in real-time so you can then immediately then spend your accrued $PMG on a new order.

After each order placed, our System will email you an updated balance to your nominated email address. You can also see your balance at anytime simply by logging into your account.

There is of course, a few Terms and Conditions which are detailed below.


A USER Refers to the Customer using the Port Mac Guitars 500 CLUB Frequent Buyer Programme.

PORT MAC GUITARS refers to Port Macquarie Music Pty Ltd trading as Port Mac Guitars. ABN: 18 119 869 543

  • Port Mac Guitars retains the rights to all earned $PMG as part of the Port Mac Guitars 500 CLUB Frequent Buyer Programme.
  • $PMG Earned is a Virtual Currency and as such is Non-Refundable. $PMG can not be exchanged for Cash.
  • $PMG can not be used to existing Lay-bys. They are only usable on New Purchases.
  • $PMG can only be used ONLINE at www.portmacguitars.com.au . $PMG can not be redeemed In-Store. Orders however, can be processed ONLINE and Picked Up In-Store.
  • $PMG can only be used toward products listed ONLINE at www.portmacguitars.com.au 
  • Port Mac Guitars reserves the rights to stipulating what Custom Orders, Back Orders and other Special Orders and Builds can have $PMG applied to. 
  • If the User is using Traded In Items to go toward the purchase of another Product with Cash to fulfil the payment of the Product, only the value of the Cash paid will accrue $PMG. The Value of the Traded Items will not be able to accrue $PMG.
  • If the User cancels an incoming Order or Online Lay-by, the $PMG earned from that transaction will also be cancelled and deducted from the Users Account. If the $PMG earned from the cancelled transaction are being or have been used against another order, Port Mac Guitars reserves the right to amend any current or future invoice to reflect the deduction of $PMG gained from the cancelled Transaction.
  • Port Mac Guitars reserves the rights to cancel any accrued $PMG, any Order or any Account of a User found to be acting fraudulently and outside of these Terms and Conditions.
  • A User must be a member of the Port Mac Guitars 500 CLUB to use their accrued $PMG. If the Users 500 CLUB Annual Subscription has expired, they forfeit the ability to use their $PMG and will lose their accrued $PMG 30 Days there-after if the subscription is not re-newed.
  • Port Mac Guitars reserves the right to ammend these Terms and Conditions at any time.