Frequently Asked Questions About Trade-ins

Here you can find all the common questions we get asked about Rentals. Please contact us HERE if you have any other questions not covered here.


Q: I live nowhere near your store. How can I trade-in my gear to you?

A: Our Trade-Hub explains the different methods you can use to send us detailed photos of your gear for us to assess. The more photos and details about the gear, the better we can give you an accurate Trade Offer. Vist the Trade-Hub HERE.


Q: Can I Trade my gear for money?

A: No, you can only trade towards other gear we have for sale or store credit.


Q: Can you sell my gear for me?

A: No, we can only trade it towards gear from our store or store credit.


Q: How do I get my gear to you if I want to trade it?

A: Our Trade-Hub page has all the details about the cost of shipping and how to safely pack your traded item. Vist the Trade-Hub HERE.


Q: How much will you offer me for my gear?

A: That all depends on the condition, age and what the actual item is. We put a lot of time into researching theresale value  of your item/s to give you the best trade offer possible.


Q: Can you just give me a quick idea of what my gear is worth? I won't hold you to it.

A: Sorry, but we pride ourselves in giving the best possible and informed trade values around. It doesn't help anyone just throwing up numbers off the top of our heads.


Q: How long does it take to get an evaluation of my gear?

A: Depending on our current workload, what day you send through your info etc, we try to get back to you within 48 where possible. Please understand that sometimes it is very difficult to find any evidence of resale value of rarer items.


Q: I can get more selling privately.

A: Yes and sometimes no. We obviously have operating costs to cover when we resell your item so we need to have a margin to cover these. However we do have a very far reach into the market meaning that we sometimes give a trade value that is similar to what the customer was trying to sell it privately without success. There's no harm in asking and we won't be offended if you don't take our offer.


Q: How long until I get my trade credit to spend?

A: As soon as your gear arrives to us and checks out OK we will place the credit into your online account to spend.


Q: Do I really need to send photos? I've only taken it out of the case 3 1/2 times?!?! It's mint condition.

A: Would you offer anything on a guitar you haven't seen photos of? :-)


Q: Can I trade-in multiple items?

A: You sure can. In fact a lot of our customers do this to ease the pain of buying very high-end guitars.


Q: How many items can I trade?

A: As many as you want. Just so long as you know we may not take everything if we don't think it's a saleable item.


Q: Can I trade something if it's damaged.

A: We are happy to trade damaged guitars so long as we have all the details. We assess it on a case by case basis.