Want to Play Electric Guitar?

Electric Guitars are a great way to get started into the realm of being a Musician.

With a thin neck, they are very easy to get your hand around and often require less effort to play.

Electric Guitars are a lot of fun, as you can turn up loud, experiment with different Effect Pedals (like Distortions, Flangers and Delays to name a few!) and get those Rock Tones you have been dreaming about! 

With Electric Guitars, you do need to buy a Tuner (either a Clip on one or a Pedal Tuner), a Lead and an Amplifier. Normally a small amplifier is fine for Practicing at home, but for playing in a band you will need something a little larger.

We have organised a selection of Beginner Electric Guitars into broad Genre's of Music, so just pick the style of Music you want to play and you are away!